The Audit Response System

Respond from Anywhere

User will be able to respond from their desktops, laptops, tables or phones through their web browser.

Faster and easier

AuditTrack automates most of this process for you, saves you time, and gives you the confidence that the steps are followed uniformly across the firm.

Archived Responses

Creates a database with all the audit requests and responses for future reference.

A Proven Solution

AuditTrack is the most comprehensive solution for responding to audit inquiries on the market. It has been helping law firms for the last 15 years.

AuditTrack Modules

Respondent Application

  • Used by all legal personnel
  • Provides each selected respondent with all the details of the audit inquiry and all pertinent information about the client
  • Retrieves the previous text, if the respondent provided a response during the previous audit inquiry
  • Enables multiple respondents to work as a team on an audit response

Administration Program

  • Used only by audit inquiry coordinators
  • Identifies the legal personnel who worked with the client during the audit period, as well as past respondents from prior audits
  • Contacts each respondent for their part of the firm's response
  • Assembles all responses and creates the response letter for final approval


  • The tutorials provide step by step guidance for the Administration and Respondent modules
  • Users will be able to review the video tutorials at their convenience

Notification Program

  • Works automatically in the background
  • Controls the communications between all users of the Audit Response System

About Us

Manhattan Technologies has been assisting clients since 1984.
Since then, we have successfully provided product support and custom development for a wide variety of clients, with aspecial emphasis on law firms.

AuditTrack, The Audit Response System is one one solution that has succesfully evolved to the changes of technology through the last 15 years and provided excellent functionality to our law firm clients.

AuditTrack is considered by our clients as the best comprehensive solution for responding to audit inquiry letters on the market. We always keep improving the application, to keep it up to date with the latest technology.

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